Can you climb all of Mt. Everest’s 29029 vertical feet in a weekend?

29029 is for those who want to live. It’s a challenge of mind, body and soul while building bonds within a likeminded community. Imagine a luxury basecamp, including clamping tents, curated food and beverage, inspiring guest speakers, and entertainment … for a glorious three-days. The goal of the weekend is to ascend that mountain, take the gondola down, and keep hiking up until you reach the vertical height of Mt. Everest, 29029 feet.

There are three events per year – 29029 rents a private mountain and pulls off an epic weekend to remember forever … Idaho and Utah and Vermont, oh my. 

bFIVE40 is privileged to be 29029’s exclusive producer of event signage and custom products.

It’s an intense 8-week collaboration with the 29029 team, planning, designing, and producing products for each event.

Bibs: Hand-crafted from high-performance athletic fabric spun with REPREVE recycled fibers made from plastic water bottles. Each race participant receives two bibs; one bib at the start and one bib to mark the final ascent. The bibs are digitally printed to spec in-house by the bFIVE40 production team.

Signage: From 20FT pole flags, Tibetan prayer flags and barrier covers to leaderboard aluminum placards and stretch shapes structures – we get 29029 what they need, carefully packed, marked, and delivered directly to the mountain for each event. Last minutes changes are handled with ease because bFIVE40 produces everything in-house. 

Swag: bFIVE40 specializes in athletic apparel and accessories made with recycled fibers: hoodies, wicking tees, neck gaiters, headbands, hats, and branded promotional items … perfect for welcome kits, custom giveaways, awards, and thank you gifts.   

“Our 29029 brand and events focus on exceeding participants’ expectations. We demand the highest quality and performance for the environments we host in. bFIVE40 consistently exceeds even our expectations and help take our brand and events to the next level time and time again.” 29029 Founder/CEO, Marc Hodulich

Our mission is to help forward-thinking companies execute memorable events with seamless precision. Mission accomplished!