Dear Mike,

It’s not everyday that a company gets the opportunity to work with someone like you, Mike Rowe, and your amazing staff at MikeRoweWORKS Foundation.

bFIVE40 is a South Carolina based manufacturing company, family-run and woman-owned. We’re hardworking folks. We do what’s right. We strive to make a real difference.

With the launch of your face coverings collection, our business has grown exponentially. We’ve tripled our staff. We’ve invested in more equipment. We’re buzzing with excitement. The Lt. Governor of South Carolina visited us last week! It’s the American-dream realized.

We begin each day with a full production cue, knowing 100% of net proceeds are funding scholarships for our next generation of trades-men and women. Does it get any better?!?

The tremendous outpouring of respect and support for MikeRoweWORKS Foundation is beyond impressive. Your fans are wonderful.

A heartfelt thanks from all of us at bFIVE40. Thanks for supporting USA-manufacturing. Thanks for becoming part of our story. Thanks for all that you do and all that you stand for.

Best regards,

Donna Brin
Founder, bFIVE40 & BFIT540 custom lifestyle products

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Can you climb all of Mt. Everest’s 29029 vertical feet in a weekend?

29029 is for those who want to live. It’s a challenge of mind, body and soul while building bonds within a likeminded community. Imagine a luxury basecamp, including clamping tents, curated food and beverage, inspiring guest speakers, and entertainment … for a glorious three-days. The goal of the weekend is to ascend that mountain, take the gondola down, and keep hiking up until you reach the vertical height of Mt. Everest, 29029 feet.

There are three events per year – 29029 rents a private mountain and pulls off an epic weekend to remember forever … Idaho and Utah and Vermont, oh my. 

bFIVE40 is privileged to be 29029’s exclusive producer of event signage and custom products.

It’s an intense 8-week collaboration with the 29029 team, planning, designing, and producing products for each event.

Bibs: Hand-crafted from high-performance athletic fabric spun with REPREVE recycled fibers made from plastic water bottles. Each race participant receives two bibs; one bib at the start and one bib to mark the final ascent. The bibs are digitally printed to spec in-house by the bFIVE40 production team.

Signage: From 20FT pole flags, Tibetan prayer flags and barrier covers to leaderboard aluminum placards and stretch shapes structures – we get 29029 what they need, carefully packed, marked, and delivered directly to the mountain for each event. Last minutes changes are handled with ease because bFIVE40 produces everything in-house. 

Swag: bFIVE40 specializes in athletic apparel and accessories made with recycled fibers: hoodies, wicking tees, neck gaiters, headbands, hats, and branded promotional items … perfect for welcome kits, custom giveaways, awards, and thank you gifts.   

“Our 29029 brand and events focus on exceeding participants’ expectations. We demand the highest quality and performance for the environments we host in. bFIVE40 consistently exceeds even our expectations and help take our brand and events to the next level time and time again.” 29029 Founder/CEO, Marc Hodulich

Our mission is to help forward-thinking companies execute memorable events with seamless precision. Mission accomplished!

It’s been an incredible three-year journey with Rock Steady Boxing (‘RSB’) in the fight against Parkinson’s disease.
RSB gives people with Parkinson’s disease hope by improving their quality of life through a non-contact boxing based fitness curriculum. Exercises are largely adapted from boxing drills, conditioning for optimal agility, speed, muscular endurance, accuracy, hand-eye coordination, footwork and overall strength to defend against and overcome opponents. At RSB, Parkinson’s disease is the opponent.
Here’s our story …
In 2017, we found RSB on Instagram and instantly fell-in-love with the organization’s passion for this fight. With a non-contact boxing platform geared toward conditioning, bFIVE40 saw an opportunity to introduce our high-performance inflatable punching bag with custom graphics called Bonk Fit.
We worked together to create unique graphics for RSB boxers. Bullseye targets on back to help boxers sharpen aim and focus. Extreme sensitivity to movement makes Bonk Fit an excellent tool for increasing movement amplitude. Intense bounce-back action from punches and kicks to translate neurologically, instilling a sense satisfaction and achievement. Even when boxers aren’t having their best day, they can still feel strong and encouraged to fight!
We sent samples for testing to RSB headquarters in Indianapolis …

“We received our Bonk Fit today – can I just say this is way cooler than I imagined??? Ha! I have no idea what I thought was going to be coming to us, but we pulled it out and were blown away. How fun! We are going to blow it up later today and try it out with our classes tomorrow.”

“Our Parkinson’s folks love using the Bonk Fit. We are receiving great feedback from RSB affiliates!”

– Jessica Fithen, RSB Corporate

Bonk Fit became RSB coach-approved equipment and received a product listing in the new affiliate intro package along side heavy punching bags offered by Century Martial Arts and Everlast. We created a dedicated landing page on our website for RSB affiliates to purchase Bonk Fit. Within twelve months, Bonk Fit was being used in over 200 RSB locations …

“We received our Rock Steady Boxing Bonk Fit and our boxers LOVE it. We’re ordering more!” – Laurie Baumgartner

“The Bonk Fit is used in every one of my Parkinson’s fitness classes, and the reception to it has been wonderful! I use it in my weekend non-contact boxing class, too (which isn’t a Parkinson’s specific class). Bonk Fit adds another element to the boxing portion of my class. You can move around the Bonk Fit, react to it as it bounces back up, partner work is possible, and the targets with numbers makes adding progressions easy (e.g. “give me a 1-2, now a 1-2 -slip, and now a 1-2-slip-3-4). So, fantastic mind and body connection going on there.” – Virginia D

“We love our Bonk Fit and use it every time we box; it offers a different kind of tactile response for our Parkinson’s boxers. So glad I was finally able to purchase it. RSB of Central Florida says, Go Bonk Fit!”

“I love Bonk Fit, it’s great for my boxers who are sitting down and it’s easy to move around the gym. It’s a great marketing tool also. I was at a Parkinson’s walk and was able to bring the Bonk bag instead of dragging a heavy bag there. Thanks!” – Alison M

“Our boxers at RSB-Jackson *LOVE* the Bonk Fit! I had our boxers write on the skin, what they hated about their disease then hit it; every new boxer who comes in does the same. I incorporate “Rocky Parkinson” as we’ve named him, into every class. Thank you so much for developing this product. – Looking forward to meeting you in September!” – Laura C

“Very good quality products. We use the Bonk Fit in our Rock Steady Boxing program with senior people having Parkinson’s disease. Helps improve hand-eye coordination and partner synchronism. We even named it “James” Bonk ! Thank you Bonk Fit!” – Andreanne T

“Our boxers love it and it’s a good way to improve hand-eye coordination with this low-impact buddy!” – RBS Sherbrooke

Click here to see Bonk Fit in action.
In 2018, bFIVE40 joined Century Martial Arts and xPLOR Inc. to sponsor RSB Coach Con 2018, the first educational conference for RSB-coaches. At the conference, Bonk Fit received praise from the daughter of Mohammad Ali, Rasheda Ali, who was a guest speaker with a powerful heartfelt message for RSB.  
At this time, bFIVE40 was expanding its business to offer printed event signage and custom products, including sports and fitness apparel. Shortly thereafter xPLOR Inc. hired bFIVE40 to produce signage for RSB Coach Con 2019. 

“Donna and the bFIVE40 team have been wonderful to work with for the past few years. They go above and beyond to make sure their customers are satisfied. We have several of the inflatable punching bags at our HQ location, and love the fact that they’re customized specifically for us.” – Sara Roque, RSB Corporate

To date, bFIVE40 has produced Bonk Fit for over 400 RSB gyms worldwide and we’re creating RSB-branded apparel, accessories and event signage, including event tents, banners, flags, table coverings, and more. 

With the Covid-19 outbreak, RSB affiliates are utilizing Bonk Fit for virtual classes to keep boxers engaged and connected from the safety of home. To learn more, use the link below. Enter special promo code below at checkout for free sand-fill and shipping.

Promo code: RSBBONK
We love Rock Steady Boxing. Look forward to many more years of growth and success together!

When Civic Entertainment Group (CEG) asked us to work on this project, we were super-stoked. It’s not only because we’re huge fans of John Cena, but also we love working for creative agencies with amazing vision and that’s CEG.

For John Cena’s audiobook release, “64th Man”, on Audible, bFIVE40 produced inflatable dummies with custom dye-sublimated graphics, press kits, brand collateral, printed signage, and swag for #failgate event. It was a seamless package of branded goodies to support this fun e-book launch.

It was an action-packed 6 weeks of planning, lots of iterations, last minute changes, curbside deliveries, and seamless execution.

Challenge 1: Approval Process. CEG and bFIVE40 make a great team. We worked together to get a variety of iterations in front of Audible and John for approval. We navigated project delays in stride until we got the final green light to proceed with production … only 5 working days prior to launch!

Challenge 2: In-Hand Dates. The approval delays made for a very tight turnaround and a logistical juggle of other assets to coordinate with the inflatable product. We produced press kits for delivery to firms all over Los Angeles and New York City. These kits were complete with custom inflatable, electric pump, full-color informational brochure and lanyard attachment with QR code to reveal a book excerpt. Super-cool!

Challenge 3: Logistics. We decided to hand-deliver to NYC ourselves, driving up from our SC facility in a U-Haul to ensure the product was on-time and perfect. Needless to say, parking curbside to unload a truck-full of 5FT tall John Cena inflatable dummies in downtown Manhattan created quite the stir. We had the service elevator working overtime – even the UPS guy pitched in to help.

“Donna and the team at bFIVE40 gave us step-by-step guidance and support throughout our entire project. They streamlined production and fulfillment to ensure we met our in-hand dates. You can tell they take pride in their work and are committed to their clients. Donna herself flew to our offices for the delivery of 75 units of inflatable dummies and helped load out every single one of them. The products were all great quality from the printing to stitching. Over all a fantastic customer experience and we can’t wait to work with them again in the future.” – Sami Pastron

Our mission is to execute projects with seamless precision. Mission accomplished!

Imagine a one-of-a-kind 100-foot lighted octopus rising from the sea, its tentacles flashing in the darkness, surrounded by ocean reef and flanked by glowing jellyfish. This amazing sight was on display at JAX Beach Florida’s Deck the Chairs event for a six-week holiday program. 
It was a sustainability collaboration made in heaven: Beaches Go Green (‘BGG’), Artistic Contractors (‘AC’), and bFIVE40. BGG brought the vision and funding to create this spectacular green campaign to raise awareness. AC fabricated the impressive Octopus Head metal frame. bFIVE40 created the sustainable fabric covering to wrap the Octopus Head. 
We used a lightweight athletic fabric called REPREVE, made from recycled fibers derived from recycled plastic water bottles. We worked onsite at ACs’ facility to fabricate a 6-piece configuration secured together by heavy-duty velcro.
It was an action-packed 4-day fabrication in Jacksonville Beach Florida.
Challenge 1: Size. The metal frame is massive at 20 feet tall, 30 feet deep, and 15 wide, making this structure a challenge to navigate, measure, and configure. There are a total of 8 pieces to wrap. We worked outside day 1 and 2, creating our plan and taking measurements. We worked inside day 3 and 4, creating a total of 6 pieces.

Challenge 2: Weather. The temperature hit 95+ degrees Fahrenheit everyday and it rained every afternoon during fabrication. The weather was very extreme, blazing sun and then the sky opened up to a deluge. It was crazy! We also had to construct the wrap considering the potential weather conditions during the 6-week event. We had to prepare for up to 50 mph winds and heavy rain.

Challenge 3: Assembly. We created a wrap that was easy to assemble and disassemble for storage. We numbered the metal frame with 6 sections in permanent black marker. Each section corresponded with each of the marked fabric pieces. We installed heavy-duty velcro loops throughout the inside of each section to protect against wind. The wrap construction was like a gigantic fitted sheet, tucking in snuggly under each section.

Our partners and volunteers worked tirelessly all year getting prepared.” – Kurtis Loftus, Executive Director of Deck the Chairs

Tour the Octopus Garden here:
The sustainability story is beyond impressive. The four tentacles lined with more than 15,000 single-use plastic bottles, spanning 100 feet in all directions. Sixteen 500 ml bottles per yard of fabric, diverting 2,500 single-use plastic water bottles from our oceans. Using recycled fabric instead of virgin fabric resulted in a 30% reduction in greenhouse gases, 45% reduction in energy consumption and 20% reduction in water consumption. 
The Octopus Garden is all about promoting awareness and educating the public about the dangers of our overconsumption of single-use plastic and how it impacts the environment, particularly our oceans. It also showcases its own light show, children’s educational displays, and weekend activities for the kids. 

Our mission is to execute projects with seamless precision. Mission accomplished!